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FloorballSun15:00Merihaan Pallohalli

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The JD Entrepreneurship Promotion Club is the number 1 Lifestyle and Fun business training program. Contact us: or +358 50 469 4696 to find out why!

We meet every Tuesday at JD HQ, Kaisaniemenkatu 6A. Whether you need a summer work placement, want to volunteer or learn to be a master at Lifestyle or Big Social Impact drop in for our Open Day.

That's on every Tuesday from 6pm - 7pm.
Lets make the world more Fun together!

For more info see JD Products > Education at the bottom of the page.


We are launching a new functionality where players can find teammates for a game, share results and win real prizes.

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You are challenged! Don't end up in our chicken list - we play for Fun! We have teams in over 30 sports, from Division 7 to 17. I.e. we play as a hobby and love to play new teams. And it's really all about the After Party!
New to the city? Friends too busy to play and have fun? Want to try a new hobby with other first timers?

Come to one of our hosted official Welcome events listed on top right of this page.
Our events community is players driven. You can add any event you like and share with our members. In 2009 we had 250 events per month/10 per day to choose from.

Jump in!
JD saved your life? Found your best friend? Got married? Saved you lots of money in discounts? Membership is free - but if you are a fan and want to give back, join the Ambassadors Club to join the likeminds.

Education Entrepreneurship Exposed! Lifestyle Careers Pro Do-Gooders Interns & Projects

This program of events is all about giving you an inside track on your career with the help of our distinguished partners. Microsoft, Aalto ACE, SME Foundation are just a few of our alliance members. Check out our events or help with our TV show.
Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Game (LEG)
Getting bored of your desk job? Want to have more Fun at work? Join the JD LEG and learn how to live leaner while you make a service out of your favourite hobby!

Contact paul[_at_] or +358 50 469 4696
Social Entrepreneurship Game (SEG)
Think business is all about maximizing cash profits? Think again. In the SEG we'll show you all about taking socially excluded sectors of society and creating value for all stakeholders. These sectors include Seniors Citizens, Safe Homes (turvakoti), Refugees & even criminals for rehabilitation.

Contact paul[_at_] or +358 50 469 4696 to learn more
Academy of Practical Training (APT)
Looking for an internship? We offer an open chance for all, language skills not an issue for once! Exciting thesis & project work also available. All areas and skill sets are needed!

Contact paul[_at_] or +358 50 469 4696

For Business Loyalty Game Serious Fun Events Services Unfair Advantage

Social Media Loyalty Game
Loyalty cards are dead. Social Media & Game Mechanics are the future. The last 10 years defined the social layer in the web. The next 10 will define the influence of the layer on the web.

Contacts us to get a demo
After creating thousands of events over the past 8 years for people, companies and everything in between we have analysed what makes them Fun. The host is the key; venue theory, program and Human Dynamics are some of the essential ingredients.

Have a look at our menu
Unfair Advantage Ltd Oy
This is the holding company for our projects and the primary funder to extend our services to create community in more places. We offer a range of services and marketing including Corporate Social Responsibility.

See more: Unfair Advantage

Public Services Department of Fun Social Cohesion Talent Retention

If the Police Department is the Father of a city, then our Department of Fun is like the Mother. We aim to reward good behaviour.
We enable strangers to play together at a city-wide level. In 2009 we created over 2500 events to encourage understanding and bridge building via Fun event.

Contact Paul for more info: +358 50 469 4696
Finland's EVA Think Tank has reported in February 2010 that the most common complaint cited by Foreign Talent is the lack of a Social Network. Jolly Dragon events network provides the answer.

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